The CTTB Music Podcast

The CTTB Music Podcast

The CTTB Podcast is a music review podcast that has been going since 2009. They have had a few websites over the years but these have been a collection of stop-gap solutions.

The Brief

A website that could act as the focal point of the podcast. It had to make it easy for visitors to the website to listen to latest podcast and subscribe to to podcast.

  • Links to social media.
  • An ‘About us’ section.
  • Access to the podcast archive.
  • Playlist integration.

The Solution

I built this site on WordPress with a custom theme, which divided the homepage into three sections.

I have made the latest podcast episode the focus of the new website. Whether on desktop, tablet or mobile – this call to action (to play the latest podcast is always there) it the first section of the website.

It was also important here to provide quick an very visible links to subscribing to the full podcast.

This is followed by the next section where we provide: ‘About Us’ information, and then finally a section where: –

  • the whole of the podcast archive can be streamed/dowloaded.
  • the podcast’s latest news/blogposts can be displayed.
  • the imbedded ‘Spotify’ playlist can be played/subscribed to.

Multiple Device View: CTTB






Behind The Scenes

  • WordPress
  • Divi
  • Libsyn

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Posted on

12th April 2016