The Brief

To redevelop a membership website for the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians (BIALL), a UK not-for-profit Association with close to 1000 members. Their previous website was old; non-responsive; and still very focused on all interactions taking pace away from the website. They also had a blog hosted separately.

Screen grab of old BIALL website

Screen grab of old BIALL website

The Solution

The Homepage

I knew that the website had to make more of a visual impression, and give the members and any visitors to the site the sense that this was an association that was firmly in 2017 and not 2007. This was a thought kept firmly in mind as I designed the homepage.

So, the first thing a visitor sees on the new site is big image slider – announcing what the Association is, with an immediate call to action button to find out more about being a member. Further sliders are used to highlight an important news story, a new survey, or an upcoming training event.

The New BIALL website homepage

The New BIALL website homepage

I then wanted to draw attention to six key content items: Events, Jobs, Wiki, Newsletter, Email Forum and Bursaries. So we created Content boxes , in two banks of three, with Icons to link out to this content.

Calls to action and Blog posts

Calls to action and Blog posts

Sandwiched between the two banks of three, we have displayed the latest news updates from the Associations blog – now a fully integrated part of the site.

Toward the bottom of the page is another slider – this time offering up member quotes on why BIALL membership is a good idea, followed by one more call to action to find out more about membership.

Inside the website

A Couple of the key requirements for the site were around retaining their Jobs board and Events list.

BIALL Job Board

BIALL Job Board

Events List







Whilst theses had both have an immediate presence on the homepage of the old site, I took the decision to merely include prominent call to action links to pages dedicated to listing job vacancies and upcoming events.

Member Only Content

Another important aspect of the design was a dedicated members only area, combined with the ongoing ability to offer new memberships and renewals directly via the website (during the yearly membership period).

I have implemented a system, using MemberPress, that allows for both broad stroke access, down to controlling access at a very granular level.

A final thing I wanted to do was help to showcase the Association’s main publication – Legal Information Management. Although this is a member only perk, we thought offering up a taste of what the content was like to the site’s visitors could help increase both membership and readership. So I have implemented a non printable/downloadable PDF flip-book to showcase a couple of articles from the current issue.

Behind the Scenes

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