What I Do?


My work philosophy is encapsulated in the title of a prince song: KISS. Coined by the US Navy in 1960 it means “Keep it simple, stupid” . With the plethora of bells and whistles that can be put on a website or into a logo these days, this hold true more than ever. It is a fact that most systems (and websites) work best if they are kept simple rather than being made complicated. Unnecessary complexity tends to cause unnecessary problems.

I Create Websites

I am an exclusive WordPress (WP) site creator. With over 75 million installs and rising WordPress is the world’s biggest content management system, and that’s why I use it as the basis for NetVine’s websites. I provide WordPress web design, development and  creation using professional and high-quality WP frameworks, bespoke themes and customisation to meet a client’s needs.

What Kind of People do I like to work with?

My target audience is … YOU. Individuals, start-ups, charities, non-profits, and all small-to-medium sized businesses.

I prefer honest and open working relationships, but these must still be based on mutual respect.

What I don’t do

Over promise.

If I don’t think I can do the job to the standards I set myself, I will pass on it, or partner with another designer, developer or marketer who compliments my skill set.

I also wont recommend solutions that won’t benefit your business or the website.

The Cost

Yes, there will be one.

To paraphrase Miss Grant in Fame “You want a website? Well, website’s cost. And right here is where you start paying…on time.”

Every Website is unique, so no two jobs are the same. Clearly it will depend on your requirements. You tell me what they are, I give you a price, you take or leave it. I’ll just charge you a fair price and do the job properly. And just to be clear, the price I quote is not the first step in a negotiation, it’s the price.