The CTTB Podcast is a music review podcast that has been going since 2009. They have had a few websites over the years but these have always been stop-gap solutions.

What was wanted: Essential?

A website that could act as the focal point of the podcast. It had to make it easy for visitors to the website to listen to latest podcast and subscribe to to podcast.

What was wanted: Additional?

  • Links to social media
  • An ‘About us’ section
  • Access to the podcast archive
  • Playlist integration.


Screen Shot of CTTB Music Podcast Homepage

CTTB Music Podcast Homepage

We built this site on WordPress using a custom theme built on Divi. We decided to go for a one page site, backed up with a news/blog function. We made sure that the first thing people see when they visit the site is media player to play the latest podcast and buttons to subscribe to the podcast.



We Provide a space for some ‘about Us’ information and then a section where site visitors can stream/subscribe to the Podcast’s Spotify Playlist; Read the latest news about the Podcast; and most importantly access, stream and download all the past episodes directly from the website.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 14.08.17